Top 10 Comedy Movies: If you want to get out of the boredom of life, watch these 10 tremendous comedy films, then you will wake up to the desire to live freely

there was a flood of ott platforms during the corona period. though many ott platforms were already in place, they gained popularity only with the closure of theatres. theatres are still closed at many places. every genre's films are being made these days. there is a plethora of films and web series based on crime murder mystery but today we have brought you some comedy genre films that will remove the boredom in your life. saying no to anyone

koi se na kehna

'koi se na kehna' was a tremendous comedy film of the 80s.
the film was directed by rishikesh mukherjee. the film starred celebrated actors like farooq sheikh, deepti naval and utpal dutt in lead roles. this film is very old but can still help you relieve your stress.


welcome also came out in 2007, in which actor akshay kumar played rajiv. the game that plays with his goonda brothers is a lot of fun to get his love sanjana. the film had tremendous comedy. paresh rawal, in particular, had no answer. he was accompanied by nana patekar, paresh rawal and anil kapoor in the film.

chashme baddoor

is also considered to be one of the best comedy films. you can also watch it on youtube. 'chashme baddoor' featured farooq sheikh and deepti naval. the film was directed by sai paranjpe. it was a romantic-comedy film. apart from this, actors rakesh bedi and ravi vaswani were also seen in pivotal roles in the film. tell us that david dhawan made a remake of the film in 2013 with the same name.


it would not be wrong to call priyadarshan's 2000 film hera pheri a superhit comedy film of its era. the film starred akshay kumar, paresh rawal and sunil shetty in lead roles. all the three characters in the film want to make money in any way as soon as possible. babu bhaiya turned paresh rawal had won the hearts of fans with his acting. you can watch this film on any ott platform. you may have seen this film three or four times before but believe me, you will enjoy watching it for the fifth time.


film 'golmaal' still does not go through the minds of the people. the audience remembers the face of utpal dutt and actor amol palekar as soon as they name the film. bindiya goswami also did well in the film. the film was directed by rishikesh mukherjee. the film proved to be the biggest hit of the year 1979. however, more films have been made by this name.


one would be wrong if the neighbour calls 'neighbour' a classical comedy film. the story of the film is so funny that the more times you see it, the more times it will tickle you. starring sunil dutt, mahmood, kishore kumar and saira bano, the film still proves to be a milestone in terms of comedy. the song 'ek chatur nar kar kar shringar' from the film, which is composed of the brilliant music of rd burman, is still very popular today.

bhagam bhagam

bhaag was a comedy film released in 2006 which was watched by the audience. it was directed by priyadarshan and produced by sunil shetty. the film starred govinda, akshay kumar and paresh rawal in lead roles. the trio was first seen together in the film. apart from this, the film also starred lara dutta, jackie shroff and arbaaz khan. the comedy of the film was well received. you will find this film on any ott platform.

jaane bhi do yaaron

comedy film 'jaane bhi do yaaro' still entertains the audience a lot. the film was directed by kundan shah. it is said that the comedy film, which was made with a budget of just 7.5 lakh rupees, created history. veteran actors like naseeruddin shah, ravi baswani, satish shah and om puri had put four moons on their acting in the film.

aaj apna apna

salman khan and aamir khan's film will make fun of you as many times as you watch it. though the film flopped after its release but over time people made it a super hit. shakti kapoor's comedy is tremendous in it.

hungama the film

directed by priyadarshan, still sits down to see people and can't stop laughing. even after so many years of its release, people have not forgotten this film. the ruckus had stars like paresh rawal, aftab shivdasani, shakti kapoor, rajpal yadav, akshaye khanna and rimi sen.