The Empire Review: Bhansali's disciples' interesting reunion, Drishti Dhami shows real glow of acting

every disciple must be better than his master. however, to do so, he also has to show his skill altogether. while watching the web series 'the empire', you will realize what it means to say? and, has sanjay leela bhansali been able to create his master-like charisma on screen when all the technicians who left the school reunited outside bhansali productions? the web series 'the empire' is an important departure point of ot content manufactured in the country, so it needs to be viewed as a fictional story, overcoming the feeling of being a part of a desi entertainment material. alex rutherford's book 'empire of the mughal: raiders from the north' is the same book as anand neelkanthandan and amish are now creating in india by extracting fictional projections of mythological stories. it is not easy to create fantasy stories amidst the prevailing historical contexts and they are equally difficult to compose on screen.

salim anarkali's love story in k asif's 'mughal e azam' is considered to be a blank fantasy. babur's story here in the web series 'the empire' is also fictional. this is not the text of history. history is seen from different perspectives in different times anyway. the practice of treating mughals as villains in india is old and in recent times, even director kabir khan had to come out openly against it in the book of baar. stories of how much the mughals have done to the country, how many people have converted or looted what they have looted from here may be stories of the coming season of the web series 'the empire', but the eight episodes that have just been released tell the stories of babur and the people around him. after babur, humayun also comes on screen by the end of the series and opens next season's latch.

the script of the web series 'the empire' is a hiccup in many places. the writers who wrote it have their own view of watching this story. babur's sister also has a strong view of the story. he is not a character from 'babarnama'. she is a fantasy of stories written under the pseudonym of a couple. there is no one named alex rutherford. diana preston and her husband michael preston have written six books in the 'empire of the mughal' series under the name of their joint pen name alex rutherford. here the story of babur begins as a teenager and reaches where his feet, when he was 45, are seen hanging in the grave, not because of age, but because of rust. babur is fighting two wars together in the web series 'the empire'. one from enemies in the field outside and one from your loved ones within your palace. this is the battle of the throne. it requires the strength of both mental and physical. but, babur is not complete. he is a human being. he is a victim of human weaknesses.

the second most powerful character, along with human weaknesses, is that of esan daulat in the web series 'the empire'. khanzada's eyes move esan daulat, the pawn of a clan-like story drawn to canvas. the eyebrows are half of her and when she makes decisions by crookeding them, there is a shiver. the new-age babarnama features its director mitakshara kumar who has mastered acting. shabana azmi has managed to surprise her fans even in the 47th year of her acting career. drishti dhami also seems to be on his footsteps. each of their expressions is worth noting. a new vision dhami has been discovered in the web series 'the empire'. it is a hundred times better in terms of television. and, kunal kapoor. kunal kapoor is the one who has been the most tested actor this season of the series. it takes him a while to get into the character's chola but once he gets into the row he freezes. and, the most shocking thing is dino moria. though he occasionally reminds him of khilji of 'padmaavat', his hard work is commendable.

as i said initially, the web series 'the empire' is a reunion of disciples from bhansali school. mitakshara assisted bhansali in 'padmaavat' and 'bajirao mastani'. bhavani iyer has also written 'black' and 'gujarish' with bhansali. the introduction of dialogue and song writer am turaj is not complete without mentioning bhansali and everyone who knows bhansali's music knows how closely shail handa has been associated with bhansali's tunes. the problem with these people is that they have not been able to get out of the aura of their 'guru'. bhansali's influence in the web series 'the empire' has also helped his disciples to take a different flight and helped him the most. the web series 'the empire' is like a dal ripening in a stove-mounted batloi with its second season of incomplete ness. the empire, a web series as a fictional narrative, does its job, yes, don't make the mistake of looking at it as a lesson in history.