Thalaivii Review: Kangana's amazing performance snags writing, these are the weak links of Hindi version

'thalaivi' or rather j jayalalithaa's story is largely known to all the audience in advance. it is only when you have discovered things that are not already available in public.

there is a difference between biography and praise. biopics that are being made in indian cinema these days also seem to be less biography and more hagiography. these films move in a direction that is strong. towards your goal. ekta kapoor had tried to erase the stains on cricketer azharuddin's daman through the film 'azhar'. kangana ranaut's 'thalaivi' also leaves all the questions of south india's stalwart jayalalithaa's life unanswered. screenwriter k v vijayendra prasad, who has been discussed in hindi states with baahubali series films, has scripted the film 'thalaivi'. this is kangana's second film with him after the film 'manikarnika'. kangana has indeed done a job of winning the national award for best actress in the film in terms of acting, but after watching the film, a viewer is a little tighter. and, that is, the film ignores all the famous aspects of j jayalalithaa's life. zee studios has also not done much in the hindi strip to promote the release of the film in theatres. perhaps because the film is scheduled to release on ott after two weeks anyway.

the film 'thalaivi' begins on the set pattern of its screenwriter k v vijayendra prasad. his scripts begin exactly like james bond films. at the very beginning, he is so shocking that the audience cannot help but fall into the trap of vision laid by him. but, as his script did in 'bajrangi bhaijaan', the same writing follows in his film 'thalaivi'. the story of the film gets quite dull after a bang opening. this is the pattern of world cinema these days but the audience of hindi strip likes films a little different from this pattern. for them, the drama is a constantly boiling feeling.
'thalaivi' or rather j jayalalithaa's story is largely known to all the audience in
advance. it is only when you have discovered things that are not already available in public. the film 'thalaivi' is a little weak in this regard. the story however picks up pace in the second half of the film and also carries the audience with it until a little before the climax. here kangana has to be praised because she has lived a south indian character with her full linguistic identity. obviously, if the tamil version of the film is seen with hindi or english subtitles, the impact will be different. here rajat arora's hindi dialogues are seen mismatched with the plot and acting.

even the undercurrent of the film 'thalaivi' which tells the story of an ordinary actress's extraordinary courage and courage has not developed properly. the film, which focuses on the relationship between mgr and jayalalithaa, the most successful pair of tamil cinema, does not do justice to all other characters of that era. the karunanidhi chapter was also not presented correctly in the film. yes, the attitude of people close to mgr towards jayalalitha certainly leaves an impact on the film. director al vijay does his job well in the film in the sense that he has beautifully portrayed a woman's glory story on screen. he is successful in the purpose for which he made the film. the purpose for which the audience came to watch the film did not get to see all the stories of a much talked about saga of indian politics.

acting film 'thalaivi' is another milestone in kangana ranaut's career. he has hardly worked so hard in any other film in his career. he has also raised the challenge of changing the physique in such a story that tells the story of a long period of time. despite prosthetic makeup, she has managed to raise her expressions as per the need for scenes. arvind swami has also done a commendable job in the film. the character of mg ramachandran as if he had assimilated it. and, one such character has been done by nasr wearing karunanidhi's chola. though his character has a very short duration but the longer he appears on screen he manages to make an impact. madhu's share has not come much. and, this is because the director and the screenwriter did not pay much attention to the relationship between mgr's wife and jayalalithaa. another actor who managed to grab the attention of the audience in the film 'thalaivi' is raj arjun.

technically, the film 'thalaivi' is according to its time but the visual effects of the film show scope for more hard work. since the film is originally made in tamil, its background music is the same. g v prakash kumar has done well while remaining loyal to the original version of the film. the film falters in terms of its cinematography and editing. according to the making of the film, the duration could have been less than 20 minutes. cinematography is no less than a hero in films made during a particular period. but, in many scenes from the film 'thalaivi', the setup of the 60s and 70s looks fake.