State of Siege Temple Attack Review: Akshay's not good digital bohani, another G5 cracker fuss

akshaye khanna is a very good actor. the strategist is not at all. he immersed his career in cinema with his mistakes. now he is going to do the same thing in the digital world. his being the biggest question in the 'film' story of an incident that is known not only to gujarat but also to the entire country and the whole world. yes, this story is a complete film. it may be said to be inspired by true events, but the stronger the beginning of the ken ghosh-directed state of siege temple attack, the more the matter is whispered as soon as it leaves kashmir and goes to gujarat. where was akshaye khanna getting a chance to make his ott debut with 'family man' and where he has drowned his naya in a place where majhi doesn't know where the edge is?

the g5's state of siege franchise is a sequel to the g5 to say 'state of siege- temple attack' but there is no link between the two. if the story of nsg commandos was to be shown in the state of siege temple attack, politics was not to be brought into it. and, even if politics was to be brought in, then the matter was not to be so black and white. now everything is clear in the politics of the country. for the population divided into 'hum log' and 'yeh log', efforts like 'state of siege- temple attack' do not go unnoticed. ken ghosh looks confused film director here. he doesn't know what he is doing and why he is doing it.

it is the first mistake to make the attack on akshardham temple, which hit the country 19 years ago, a krishnadham. if ken ghosh is asked to make a film on the attack on parliament, will he change its name? most indian filmmakers are yet to get the backbone to tell the truth. there may be a lot of difficulties in making true events properly, but what is easy is when it is unlimited. dilip kumar hit a dialogue in the film 'shakti', 'life takes a very difficult look at those who swear by the favour of truth. at the beginning of the state of siege temple attack, it is said that the film is not true. hope remains tied even after that because dua comes out when the watanparst, who is leading the nsg contingent, does not obey his in-charge order. for the first 10 minutes, the film is completely tied. and, after that, these pieces start decreasing.

abhimanyu singh has written 'state of siege- temple attack' from two firangi writers. his character, who had already come to his knees in the attack, takes no matter how many limbs he takes later, but cannot stand on his knees. the strategy of the nsg in the events of the attack and on the other hand, the terrorists' tactics to carry out their plan give an excuse to go in the right direction of the film once in a while. but, its characters don't let its tilism tie. every character looks like a character extracted from typical masala films. regular hindi can tell all the next scenes in the previous scene.

after being beaten in script and direction, 'state of siege- temple attack' also beats inadakari. akshaye khanna tries his best to convey his inner and external feelings to the camera by law but his acting has its limitations. his face shrinks and disintegrates at fixed angles and it is not from now on and off his debut film 'himalayaputra'. it seems that as an actor he doesn't want to challenge himself. the rest of the artists are also seen settling another project just like that. the right effort is to strike a balance on the cord of a good muslim, a bad muslim. the film technically also did not add any colour. during corona transition, even if everyone is at home, time is still precious. it is useless to give time to this g5 film.