Shahnaz Gill's brother gets Siddharth Shukla tattoo on his hand, SidNaz

siddharth shukla is not a part of this world and now he has become just a memory. it's been more than 15 days since siddharth left but no one can believe that bigg boss 13 winner and everyone's beloved sid is no longer between him. several of his videos are also going viral on social media. while santok singh sukh recently got a tattoo of shahnaz gill's name on his hand, shahnaz's brother shehbaz has also got siddhartha's face tattoo on his hand.

shehbaz gets siddharth's facial tattoo sidharth was like a family member for shahnaz.
shehbaz always treated siddharth as his elder brother and shahbaz was very fond of his friendship with shahnaz. now, recently, to show his love, shehbaz got a tattoo of siddharth's face on his hand and also wrote his sister's name under siddharth's picture.

shehbaz shared a picture of siddharth tattooed and wrote, 'your memory will always be with us. you will always live in our hearts and you will live in our memories'. tell us that shehbaz was also a part of bigg boss 13 and lived there with shahnaz and siddharth. not only that, he also used to mimic siddharth very well which was very popular with fans.

sidnaz's fans have showered a lot of love on shahbaz's tattoo. one user wrote, 'how much siddharth must have inspired shehbaz that after he left baaz made siddharth's face on his hands. it's not a publicity stunt but it's true love'. another user wrote, 'no matter how hard we try to stay strong, we are breaking down again and again'.

shahnaz and siddharth's friendship also started with bigg boss and the friendship gradually became stronger. shahnaz and siddharth never gave a single name to their relationship but shehnaaz openly said that she loved siddharth. there were also reports since siddharth passed away that the two were supposed to get married in december but before that such a big disaster happened.

tell us that the news of siddharth's death came to light on september 2. at first, no one believed it. it was then revealed that siddhartha had passed away due to a heart attack. he was cremated on september 3. apart from shahnaz and shehbaz, his funeral was attended by asim riaz, paras chhabra, aarti singh, mahira sharma and many of his fellow actors.