Shabana Azmi Birthday: Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar's love story, father Kaifi Azmi were protesting against the marriage because of this

Shabana Azmi Birthday: Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar have been married for 37 years. The couple has been together for so many years. But did you know that shabana azmi's father, famous poet Kaifi Azmi, was against the couple's marriage? In fact, Kaifi Azmi did not want her daughter Shabana Azmi to get married to lyricist Javed Akhtar. But Shabana had rebelled against the housemates for her love Javed Akhtar. Today the duo is the most successful couple in Bollywood. Shabana Azmi has been 71 years old and today is her birthday.
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30 by selling coffee Five-time National Award winner Shabana Azmi started her film career in the 70s and then acted in several memorable films in the 80s and 90s.
He was born on September 18, 1950 in Hyderabad. Shabana Azmi graduated in psychology from St Xavier's College after studying at Queen Mary's School in Mumbai. Shabana took an acting course in 1973 from the Film and Television Institute of India Pune. He entered the world of acting inspired by Jaya Bachchan. Read more Javed and Shabana's love story

in fact, javed akhtar and shabana azmi's love story started from their house. javed akhtar used to go to kaifi azmi's house to learn writing skills. he had become a disciple of kaifi azmi. it was here that he met shabana azmi. kaifi azmi's house was often home to mehfil in the evening. shabana azmi also used to participate in mahfil with her mother shaukat.

gradually shabana azmi got javed akhtar's shayrana style. she fell in a tatremating on javed akhtar. within a few days, the two began to feel beautiful with each other. it was this beautiful feeling that was flourishing between the two. gradually, the love between the two began to grow. however, shabana azmi's family did not like this love.

it was difficult for the two to get rid of ishq as javed akhtar was already married. they also had two children. but even then shabana azmi and javed akhtar wanted to marry each other.
kaifi azmi was upset when she heard of the two's love. shabana's mother shaukat was also not happy with the relationship. it was not at all permissible for them to hand over the daughter to a married and father of two. however, shabana azmi rebelled against the family.

in fact, kaifi azmi did not want javed akhtar's house to be broken down because of his daughter and he had to divorce his wife. kaifi azmi did not want honey irani's house to be broken. this was the reason why he did not like javed akhtar and shabana's relationship. but, on the other hand, javed akhtar broke up his 7-year marriage with honey irani and divorced her. he then expelled shabana azmi in 1984.