Mallika Sherawat doesn't become a part of welcome back because of this, says people give roles to their girlfriends

mallika sherawat, one of the hotactors of bollywood, is said to be the bindass girl of bollywood. mallika sherawat has made the audience go crazy about boldness more than her performance. though mallika is not only bold in front of the screen but also behind the scenes she talks fearlessly and bindass.

mallika sherawat recently revealed why she could not be a part of the film 'welcome back'. in fact, mallika sherawat played the role of a girl named ishika in the film welcome but did not get work in the second part of the film.

this is why mallika's hand-picked films on this, mallik says she was not a part of it as she was not the director's girlfriend.
in an interview to a portal, mallika said, 'if a sequel to welcome is made, the director will keep his girlfriend in it. if welcome 2 is made, put your girlfriend in it and tell me what to do now'.

mallika didn't stop at that. he further said, 'this is true. whenever people make a sequel to a film, they cast their girlfriends in it. what can i do in that case? i don't have a boyfriend in bollywood.

i have never been with an actor, producer or director. my job just matters to me. i have to be a part of it if you think i deserve your project. i can't do anything if they think they have to cast their girlfriends'.

tell me, some time ago mallika had revealed that there was a time in her life when she wanted to leave the country. mallika sherawat says she has never had any problem with men. they were harassed by a section of the media, especially women'.

he said, 'i faced opposition from the family. my father is extremely conservative. mother and brother. i had no support at all at that time. i ran away from home to become an actress'.

mallika sherawat said, "it took time for her to adopt and settle down in mumbai. he said that society has evolved in the last few years, now people are more tolerant of the kind of films that they did in their early days.

she described bikini-clad and screen kissing films as part of the experience and said that she is really happy that there has been a lot of development in the society. people have become more tolerant. the nudity in front of you today is not a big deal...'.

mallika said, 'she was targeted by a certain section of women in the media. he said that a particular section of the media harassed me a lot. while the men always appreciated me.

i didn't understand why these women were against me, and why they were so bad for me, he said. mallika has been away from the big screen for quite some time now. she has been a part of films like 'murder', 'welcome', 'hiss'. mallika is all set to make her ott debut very soon.