Helmet Movie Review: Aparshakti and Abhishek Banerjee's Yeh Hai Real 'Starvalue', another bad G5 film

you must remember aamir khan's brother faisal khan. one of his films released last week. another brother hindi is on the same path to cinema. ayushmann khurrana's brother aparshakti. he is trying to prove what is in the name. and, it seems that their effort is succeeding too. ayushmann had become an overnight superstar by doing a film 'vicky donor' on jiradan. aparashakti khurana has started writing the story of his packup by doing the film 'helmet' on semen collection. there is a difference between the two films, comedy and silliness. a lot of garbage is reaching the ott along with all the good stories. the film 'helmet' is a story washed away by the same flood, which not only means wasting its precious time but is also a new example of g5's new management with its customers.

the g5, which began with the promise of bringing desi stories to the world, has now reached a time where it does not have stories, everything else. there are big names. there are big production houses. if there are no stories. and if anyone goes to g5 with stories, how can a judge be someone who has previously rejected scam 1992? well, the accepted one will have a different story otherwise the film 'helmet' has to be rejected at the script level.

21 years have passed since the 21st century began, and a 21-year-old boy now quickly buys ks at a grocery store in the village. here, the boy of the city is not able to buy condoms in the medical store. the story should be that after all, this is a child of which township where an adult boy is still ashamed to buy condoms. the director has also given the background to the story of this condom purchase. and, then, the same story goes on to play its own banjo in an attempt to become pandora's box. three friends plan to rob a van full of mobiles and loot a van going for bulk delivery of condoms. those who were ashamed to buy condoms engage in 'social service' to take it from house to house.

the film 'helmet' is a fail film at the concept level. it could have been a good film from amol palekar's youth days. since then, in the last fifty years, the world has seen a very red triangle. director sartam ramani has also dived into casting the film after he had a roof over choosing the story and there is not a single actor in the film who can play the film in his name. aparashakti's secret to considering himself a superstar is to break with similar films. abhishek has long misunderstood that he alone has made 'stree' and 'patallok' a hit. the 'starvalue' of the two has come to know from the audience here.

if the cast really feels pity for an artist, it is pranutan bahl. if a third generation actor like nutan is not getting good films due to camping even after a good performance, it is a defeat of hindi cinema. jamil khan and ashish verma have done their job on their own and it doesn't matter much if the two are not in the film. those in whose name the film has been made have already spoiled the entire game. they should assume that aparshakti does not know acting. there is still time for abhishek banerjee to recover. taking out stardom from your giggles and throwing them out and playing the characters according to your stature and measure can last longer. the film is a very boring film and also the worst film of the season.