Free Guy Movie Review: Ryan Reynolds' new prodigy of comedy, Kalpanalok's superhero in video game

making video games on hit films or making films on hit video games is a hollywood hit pastime. hollywood has a long tradition of such films from 'street fighter' 'resident evil', 'tomb raider', 'mortal combat' to 'super mario brothers'. but, the film 'free guy' is the film above many levels. here video games become the story of the film. what happens if one of the characters who usually appears in the background in a video game starts playing the game on its own? director shan levy has made the two-hour film 'free guy' and what a wonderful film he has made on the idea of the same line. what if the character in a video game starts determining things on his own in the age of artificial intelligence? if you want to understand easily, what will happen if a character in the story of a film starts rotating the story with his mind? it's not interesting thoughts. in the depressed times of corona transition period, the film 'free guy' keeps the audience engaged for two hours with the same idea.

guy is the lead character in the film 'free guy'. works in a bank. wakes up in the morning and wears the same coloured shirt and pants in the wardrobe. does good morning with gold fish. the blinds of the window of the room move. when he is robbed in a bank, he lies down on the floor with his best friend buddy. but the character, who drinks the same coffee every day, sees the role of a girl one day in a video game. and, his life changes. outside video games is a world of video game makers and players. the world understands that a video game player is doing all this. people want to know about that player. the reality of this new stir in a video game called free city is soon understood by the couple whose original video game design has been stolen and inserted into the game. and, this is where the battle of good against evil begins in the film.

matt liberman's screenplay with jack penn is the real hero of the film. the entire film does not allow the audience to get bored for a minute anywhere. the film has all the elements of a hit film. at the same time, references to films like hulk, captain america, inception also come for a few moments and leave their impact. the film 'free guy' is a perfect film to get rid of depression. its story, the script, has been very carefully filmed by its director and very legally in terms of the interests of the new age audience. issues such as gun destruction, the people who are laughed at by others, the theft of intellectual property rights, the push of a powerful businessman on weak skilled people have also been easily portrayed in the story. director shan levy has succeeded in cleverly threading these social messages in the undersection of the film.

the film is by ryan reynolds among the cast. unlike deadpool, ryan's character is another excellent example of his acting ability. his character at the beginning of the film 'free guy' also reminds us of tom cruise's 'age of tomorrow' but as soon as the free city guy comes out of this loop and lives his life on his own, the audience falls in love with the character. cinema is made from imagination but if only a character in a film becomes imaginative, the style of the story changes. it was a risky experiment in which director shan levy and ryan reynolds have been successful. ryan's film also gets a lot of help from jodi komr and joey kerry. the duo also managed to serve the glory levy to the audience with the help of the video game industry. the villainous form of taika watity may not have been as unofficial, but lil rail howry and utkarsh ambudkar have also handled this weak link.

the film 'free guy' is also a technically advanced film. george richmond has managed to keep the film as a cinematographer close to its soul. his camera placing is fantastic in the scene with special effects of the film. whether it's guy's first-ever scene to distinguish between his real world and the world of video games or the scene of his separation with motolov's identity as he entered the video game, george has succeeded in capturing human sensations even amid special effects. dean jimerman has kept the editing of the film very agile. dean's contribution to the one-hour-55-minute film's hold from the first frame to the last frame is also significant. although christopher beck has composed the music for the film according to teen agers, the whole film seems a little nineteen with no signature tune. a signature tune of the character can be made if the film 'free guy' is to be sequeled. the film, which released in the us just last month, has become a super hit, now it's india's turn.