Family Dispute: Govinda's wife tells Kashmira Shah 'bad daughter-in-law', says tension started ever since she came home

bollywood actor govinda, his wife sunita ahuja and nephew krishna abhishek's family are not taking the name of resolving their differences. govinda's wife has once again hit out at krishna abhishek's wife actress kashmira shah. he has attributed the family tension to kashmira shah. in fact, govinda had joined his wife in 'the kapil sharma show'. but his nephew sat down from the episode. since then the quarrel between the two families has again made headlines.

govinda's wife kashmira shah has now been lashed out
at. he told kashmira shah the root cause of the mama-bhanje battle and called her a bad daughter-in-law. sunita ahuja has said all this while fuming over a statement by kashmira. he said in an interview that the fact is that tensions have started ever since kashmira shah came home. there has been family tension ever since we brought a bad daughter-in-law into the house.

sunita ahuja said in her interview that despite giving love like a mother, these people are behaving so badly. govinda often forbids me not to let family talk come public. but some people are hungry for publicity. he said that every time it starts from krishna. i don't have time for these nonsense. i look after govinda's work and am quite busy.

sunita ahuja said that if krishna is ready to apologise, i too agreed to patch up several times. i also have a self respect or not. i can't tolerate bad things every time. i don't know why other people speak between a mother and a son, he said. who is that? and who knows him? i have been govinda's wife for the last 36 years and she has just arrived. sunita has said all these things for her daughter-in-law kashmira shah.

let me tell you that sunita is furious with kashmira shah's statement that who is this sunita? kashmira made a statement some time ago that i don't know who this sunita is. sunita ahuja has since explained the real reason for the family battle and tension to kashmira shah.

sunita had recently told comedian krishna abhishek a lot of lies. sunita ahuja had said that she did not want to see krishna abhishek's face. krishna abhishek had responded to his statement. he said that he was tired of this enmity. he has apologised to mama and mami many times for his mistake, but he is not ready to forgive him. in such a situation, he is tired of everyday things and enmity. krishna abhishek said, "i know my aunt has said a lot of things against me. i am, of course, disappointed by his words. i think she's very angry with me, because she loves me the most. he said that the point he has said about me shows that he is hurt by me.