[Download] Bellbottom starring Akshay Kumar | Hindi Movie Review | AMAZON 2021 Watch Online

[Download] Bellbottom starring Akshay Kumar | Hindi Movie Review | AMAZON 2021 Watch Online

Bell Bottom Review: Entertainment returns to big screen, Akshay Kumar takes off in this thriller, Lara-Adil also shines

In the corona period, when there is a cry of closure and recession everywhere, akshay kumar starrer bell bottom has shown courage to come to theatres. the film has the potential to attract cine-lovers.

MovieBell Bottom
GenreAction Thriller
DirectorRanjit M Tiwari
StarsAkshay Kumar, Vaani kapoor, Lara Dutta, Huma Qureshi, Adil Hussain

Bell Bottom Review: A hundred goldsmiths, a blacksmith. When five planes have been hijacked in seven years and every time neighbouring enemies land in the country, the leaders of the country negotiate a deal with the terrorists, it is necessary to ignore the talks and retaliate once. In the Corona period, when there is a cry of closure and recession everywhere, Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom has shown courage to come to theatres. Even though theatres are open with just 50 per cent of the audience right now, the film has the potential to attract cine-lovers. Its success will give other manufacturers the courage to come to the hall as well.


when a plane full of more than 200 passengers is hijacked to lahore at bell bottom, the same old path before the then prime minister indira gandhi is to talk to the kidnappers only because the plane is parked on their land. then it is clear that the pm also needs courage to do something new. so that you can break the old circle. in that case, raw chief (adil hussain) tells them to wait this time, we will run new bets. the nationalists will field their 'players'. from here bell bottom changes the stance.


director ranjit m. tiwari's bell bottom slowly establishes the story here before the interval after a failed film like lucknow central (2017). in which the emotional relationship between mother and son with the plane hijack and the love of the husband and wife are gradually reflected. the story sometimes moves in the present and sometimes in the past. meanwhile, after the hijacking, the politics of the political corridors and the prime minister's armed powers, his human concerns are expressed. here, even if it is not the thrill that the audience expects from the film, the director has managed to keep it tied. but when anshul malhotra, who lives a simple life and knows english, hindi, french, german, takes an avatar as raw's fast-paced agent, codename: bell bottom (akshay kumar), the pace of the film changes. the thrill seems to be shining.


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the story of this hijack includes the emotional ends of anshul's personal life along with the hijacking of the plane. he has become an expert by studying why raw has come in and why hijack events very deeply. tweets in the story come after prime minister indira gandhi (lara dutta) tells pakistani president zia-ul-haq not to talk to terrorists and kidnappers. we will look forward to how-to do. pakistan, which mediates the last four occasions of hijacking, is shocked and its intelligence agency isi sends its special man, doddi (jain khan durrani), to take over the hijack plane. here, the dual character of the enemy country comes out in the open and the question arises whether bell bottle will be able to save all passengers safely by killing four terrorists and kidnappers. the answer to this question is to get further into the film.


this story of the 1980s is inspired by true events. written by asim arora and parvez sheikh, the film has been screened by ranjit tiwari in a tight manner. the 123-minute entertainment keeps the audience hooked almost all the time. the film has brought great relief to 53-year-old akshay kumar as he was in great form in 2019 with kesari, mission mangal, house full 4 and good news. but in 2020, his suryavanshi could not be released due to korna, and lakshmi, who came to ott, had to face a lot of opposition and criticism. akshay bell as raw agent is frozen in the bottom and looks the fittest among the actors of his generation.


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wani kapoor, who spoiled six precious years of his life in yash raj films by doing just three films in six years, came out of the camp for the first time and has benefited. his role in the film may be small but he is beautiful and meaningful. huma qureshi did not get much space and she doesn't particularly impress. no one attracts except raw agents in bell bottom so lara dutta and adil hussain. it is difficult to recognize lara in indira gandhi's get-up and she has done a great job too. this film opens the way to their long comeback. while there have been some powerful dialogues as team leaders of raw, part of brilliant actor adil hussain. in total, bollywood cinema lovers have got a chance to sit in the bell bottom theatre and eat popcorn-samosas again. if you've been missing this experience for the past one-and-a-half to two years, you can buy a ticket. bell bottom has also been released in 3-d.





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