Don't Breathe 2 Review: Don't Breathe 2, embroiled in a knot of relationships, stephen lang on the same full-fledged

sequel films are an attempt to bring back the audience who liked kalpana lok of a hit story or favourite characters in its first part to the theatres and make the sensations associated with their earlier film a box office grosser. 'don't breathe' is a hit film released five years ago. its authors, jodi fed alvarez and rhodo sayaguage, have written the sequel. the last time fed alvarez took over the direction was this time it is bari rodo sayaguage. last time, some unknown novice thieves enter the house of an experienced but retired blind soldier to steal his hard earned money. this time the story has come eight years ahead of there. this time thieves have come to steal a teenager who is initially tried to explain that she is the daughter of a blind soldier.

the film 'don't breathe 2' is the story of survival. although the struggle for this story on darwin's theory of 'survival of the supreme' goes on at many levels, both the storytellers of the film here forgot the time in which the story is happening. even a bird named police is not seen here in the entire film. not even after explosions, gunshots and gruesome killings one after the other. yes, it is important to remind again that the film 'don't breathe 2' is a gruesome story. bloodshed is in its fit. the adult film has a gang of girls living in the house of a blind soldier trying to kidnap her. the logic of the purpose of kidnapping shown in the film is not clear. nor is it clear why these people want this teenager for their own reason. this is the weakest link in the film 'don't breathe 2'.

apart from the mess of the film 'don't breathe 2' at the story level, everything else in the film looks fine in terms of its category of cinema. the only problem is, is there any audience willing to come to the cinema to watch such films with masks on their faces and sitting in the middle of the empty seats around the time for the release of the film? this is the time to get rid of stress. people who have been confined to their homes for a year and a half want to watch the cinema of happiness in theatres. they want to laugh openly. and, want to taste collective entertainment again.

but, the film 'don't breathe 2' is a film with personal experience. whether you watch it in a theater or watch it on ott, the experience doesn't look much changing. the failure of director rhodo sayaguage here shows that he has marginalized the idea that could become a hit franchise in another film. though the film ends with the future threats of the next generation, if a sequel is made, its writers and directors have to take care of these things.

actor stephen lang, who has turned 69, is a perfect choice for such a character because of his stature and his expressions. in the previous film too, stephen carried the entire film on his shoulders alone to take it to the top of the success. he is also seen doing the same in the film don't breathe 2 but this time its writers were defeated in developing the factor of his struggle. the film has tried to develop a father-a-daughter relationship from the first scene of the film but its writers and directors could not succeed in showing the relationship between the two as they should have seen before the film picked up pace. stephen's struggle does not connect the emotions of the audience till the end. on the other hand, madeleine grace has played a much more mature character than her age in the role of a teenager trying to find out the reality of her past and her courage should be appreciated for it. but a daughter's yearning does not come to her face till the end.

technically also, the film is not very good. it may also be that the theatre management may not have run its audio visual system to the fullpotential because of the five audiences in the pvr theatre where i watched the film. most of the shooting of the film is after sunset. parts of the film shot in the dark have managed to create their psychological impact. pedro luque's cinematography does its job in this sense. the background music of the film and its editing are also well suited to the story. the film 'don't breathe 2' is a special audience film and such indian audiences now want to come to theatres and watch such a gruesome film, the box office future of the film depends on it.