Divya Dutta doesn't like working with such directors, says- i get nervous

divya dutta is one of the actresses in bollywood who lived from flirtatious characters to serious characters on screen. she has also been a part of films that garnered a lot of appreciation. divya dutta gave many stellar performances in her career as well as won several awards for her performance in films. but you will be surprised to know that even today when divya dutta works on a new project or gets too nervous before the release of any of her films. this was revealed by divya dutta herself.

divya dutta while talking to media channel said, for any artist, it is the result of any paper because we have worked very something.
for us, winning awards at many film festivals for the role we have played really creates enthusiasm and nervousness in me'. divya dutta said, "i am proud to be nervous and there is no shame in accepting this.

divya dutta doesn't take pressure on herself

divya dutta has got a lot of appreciation for her work in sheer korma. divya dutta further said that she is a part of any project only when her director clears her what she wants from her as an artist. divya dutta said, 'i am already very clear that i will not take full pressure on myself'.

don't work

with such directors divya dutta in an exclusive interview to the media channel said, 'i don't work with directors who say do anything'. my experience has been such that when the director told me to do anything. it was then that i decided that some directors make an example and some followed them. i prefer to work with directors who give me something different from the characters i played earlier'.

divya dutta says she doesn't
get nervous while playing old characters when she repeats one of her old characters, she doesn't face any challenge or get nervous.
those things make no sense. divya dutta said, 'i consider myself lucky when i am working with directors who offer me characters i have never done before. but if i am doing the same character as i used to, there is no problem'.

here are the upcoming movies
tell me divya dutta has been a part of the film industry for many years. he worked in the 1994 film 'ishq mein jeena ishq mein marna'. we then saw him playing different roles in many films ranging from veer-zara to veergati, its hat, his head. divya dutta was recently seen in the film sheer korma. his upcoming film is dhakdar.