Collar Bomb review: Dhyanesh's suspense drama in 'Yudli' budget, Asha Negi shows real wonders in the film

Disney Plus Hotstar's launch of new Hindi films directly to the audience through its OTT platform has not reduced the audience's carelessness so far. The series looks amazing on this OTT. The 'loki' hide and seek is going on. Her first 'Mer of Easttown' won hearts. The 'eclipse' was also praised. Just Hindi the multiplication of this film is not going well. If the story is good, the actors are loose and the actors are good, so the script is getting beaten up in cinema. With all eyes on 'Bhuj the Pride of India' next month, OTT has slowly moved jimmy shergill's 'collar bomb' forward.

the idea of the film 'caller bomb' is very good. the plot has also been decorated correctly by its writing team. what is wrong with this is that there is little surprise in it to handle it. there is a police officer. he has enrolled his son in a school bigger than aukat. people are also praising him in the ongoing condolence meeting there. his old partner also questions it. he is somehow thrown out of the event when a fresh young terrorist arrives there. a strap around the neck. a bomb in a lease. collar bomb. the diary says the name of the policeman means the case is already set. the setting is that the police officer now has to commit some cases to stop the ticket of the caller bomb. he becomes a puppet. the public enjoys it. the reason for pulling the puppet string and the hands that pull the strings are clean, the fun becomes gritty.

what you see is not necessarily the truth. that is why scholars have repeatedly explained that think, understand and then move on. the undercurrent of the film is the same. the intention is good. the plot of the film also looks for novelty initially. but then all the same. if you are a terrorist, you will be a muslim. if there is a story of child abuse, it will be in the christian house. hindi all these old joomla of cinema. its good days will come only when those who write stories will be able to think of something new. if you want to copy like 'andhadhun', you should do a good film. dhyanesh joting's direction is panapan. his camera placing and shot taking are excellent. he can do wonders when he gets big actors and a good story. here he is a puppet of saregama music company's 'yudli films'.

asha negi has done a wonderful job in this film. she was with abhishek bachchan in anurag basu's 'ludo' where she is with jimmy shergill. it's been 11 years since they dragged themselves in front of the camera. now they have become diamonds. he has done a great job in this film. naman jain, who has a chiller party, is also doing well. sparsh srivastava and rajshree deshpande have also tried to act according to the director, just the experience of touch is less known for such a serious character right now. the lead star of the film is jimmy shergill. jimmy, who turned 50 last december, has also completed his efforts to revive the character.

the weak links of the film are its handwriting as well as its decorations and costumes. the background music of the film unnecessarily hammers the mind. no noise to create suspense silence works better. the film is all right to pass time on weekends but its director dhyanesh joting has raised hopes that he will make a big splash if he gets a chance. this is also the sum of 'collar bombs' overall.