Chehre Movie Review: Amitabh Bachchan's 'Face' stuck in overacting, weak film on good story

rumi jafri has been a big name as a writer in hindi cinema. he has been a part of all the superhit films in the last three decades. all of these hits have been remakes of superhit films in the south. dialogue writing is his specialty. his history of scriptwriting has not been that fascinating. his fourth film as a director is 'chehre'. he has previously directed films like 'gali gali chor hai', 'life partner' and 'god tussi great ho'. he also wrote a film 'do chehre' some six years ago though it has nothing to do with the film 'chehre'. the original story of the film 'chehre' is by ranjit kapoor, rumi jafri has also translated it according to his film. in the last one and a half years, the interests of the audience have changed considerably in the face of corona infection on the entertainment world. they don't even like average films anymore. the reason for bringing the audience to the theatres can now be only films that have something they can't feel on their smart tv. the film 'face' is a pseudo-courtroom drama film with full emphasis on its dialogues. instead, the story of the film seems to be a theatre drama and that is the weakest link.

the story of the film 'face' slowly tries to make its grip on the audience. the ceo of a big company takes shortcuts to reach delhi. in a blizzard, his car is damaged and he has to take shelter in a mansion in a deserted place. there is a retired judge in the mansion. there is a hangman. there are two lawyers. he is a young man who has returned after serving a sentence. and, there is also a young woman who works domestically for them. everyone's stories have been found in the past at some intersection and they all play the game of law with strangers coming to the mansion together. cctv cameras record it and chase those who flee from here till the end.

the story is interesting about the film 'face'. but, the tight script that should have been written on this story could not happen. the basis of the story of the film is well woven here. it also arouses curiosity as to what is going to happen next. but when the audience is completely focused on the story, the film starts playing games with them. when flashbacks show the ceo's extramarital affairs, the matter seems to repeat emraan hashmi's old films and the film also starts disintegrating from here. as a director rumi jafri has been repeatedly trying to make different kinds of cinema. he should also get a compliment for this, but he may be unaware of the changing interests of the audience in the changing times. if he starts communicating with the younger audience of the current generation, he can help him improve his cinema. his direction is similar to that of an old school in cinema. naveena is missing outright in the film 'face'. amitabh bachchan has also been seen by the audience in 'badla' and 'pink' in a similar character.

the film 'face' tries to show its weight in terms of acting. the magic of amitabh bachchan's voice ranges from the first frame to the last frame. amitabh bachchan also tries his best to bind the audience in his tilism in the title sequence shot under the direction of cookie gulati but amitabh bachchan missed out on showing his natural performance here. he seems to be acting too much on screen and the audience doesn't see his character, but only amitabh bachchan is seen there. the long dialogues spoken in amitabh bachchan's climax wearing latif zaidi's chola use his acting ability and his voice well but do not entertain the audience but add to the stress of watching the film.

annu kapoor's performance in the rest of the cast of the film 'chehre' is amazing. he gets into his character very easily as a defence lawyer. his style of speaking helps a lot in strengthening his character. emraan hashmi has also done well here. but as soon as the story goes into flashback, memories of his earlier films begin to refresh the minds of the audience and the film falters the most because of these flashbacks. rhea chakraborty's absence from being in the film doesn't make much difference. she has also not been able to act properly. yes, crystal d'souza certainly managed to make an impact of her sexy and seductive acting. the film has nothing to do for raghuveer yadav and siddhant kapoor, both of whom could have supported the film if their characters had been shown with a little background.

technically also the film 'face' is a weak film. the special effects used in the film have gone beyond average. the snow-snow scene is very poorly filmed, especially in the climax. yes, cinematographer binod pradhan has excelled in combining light in courtroom scenes. he has also done amazing camera placements in a limited area set but is weak in film editing. bodhaditya banerjee has kept the film close to two hours but the tight editing could have made the film a better 90-minute film. there is no special scope of music in the film and the songs are not even remembered after watching the film. overall the film 'facial' is a good experiment in terms of narrative but the statement is weak.