Bigg Boss OTT: Neha's husband Sameeruddin reacts to pratik sang aaya, says, "I don't care about anyone's thinking

famous singer neha bhasin, who recently quit reality show bigg boss ott, was in the news for her closeness to pratik sahajpal in the house. the singer was worried about her husband because of her growing closeness to pratik. neha's husband sameeruddin reacted to her closeness with pratik and her journey in bigg boss after she was now out of the show.

talking to a website, sameeruddin said that all these things are being done by the people. but, neha has not said anything on it, so when she speaks, everything will come out. we love each other very much, sameeruddin said. we know what is between us and what is not. people make an issue of everything. his dirty undergarments were also discussed during the show and his characterwas also questioned. but this is the thinking of others and i do not run on the opinion of others. i don't care who ever thinks.

sameeruddin wants to see shamita or nishant win

on neha's journey to bigg boss, her husband said, "i am proud of her journey on the show. he has never spoken behind anyone's back. his heart is clear and he has played the game in the best possible way. meanwhile, sameeruddin said that he wants to see neha's friend shamita shetty or nishant bhatt win the trophy of the show.

neha thanks pratik, shamita and rakesh

neha bhasin shared some memorable pictures on her social media account after she was evicted from the bigg boss house. he also thanked his friends pratik sahajpal, shamita shetty and rakesh bapat.

milind gaba had connection with

tell us that neha milind gaba had become a connection this season of bigg boss but later made his connection to pratik after growing close to pratik. singer neha bhasin walked out of the show with fewer votes after arriving at the finale week.

here are five finalists

with neha bhasin leaving the show, only the top five contestants are left in the finale race. the finale race now includes rakesh bapat, shamita shetty, pratik sehajpal, divya agarwal and nishant bhatt. tell us that the finale of 'bigg boss ott' will begin at 7 pm on september 18.