Bhuj The Pride Of India Review: A film like cheap video game discounts Ajay Devgn's name

The one thing for which 'Tanaji the Unsang Warrior', which released before the Corona transition last year, will be remembered for years is its visual effects. The company that manufactures them belongs to Ajay Devgn, with NY VFX. The same company has also produced visual effects of the film 'Bhuj: The Pride of India'. The only difference is that of the director of the film. Ajay Devgn's fans will not forgive Mukesh Dudhaiya aka Abhishek Dudhaiya for what he has done in his debut film which has made thousands of episodes on TV. He has made the whole jaggery dung because of four scriptwriters of a good story that shows patriotism, generosity and the breath of the earth. Few would know that bhuj's airstrip, which was built overnight and landed by the Indian Air Force aircraft, was taken from the entire dung by Vijay Karnik, the squadron leader in charge of Bhuj Airbase, who had sought the help of women from nearby villages, so that Pakistani aircraft could not be seen from the sky. However, nothing like this is shown in the film and initially there is a mention that the film is not a real depiction of historical events.

ajay devgn's fans have high hopes for the film 'bhuj: the pride of india'. the film, which is set to release on independence day last year, released on the same occasion after a year but in the meantime iodine has been blown away by its salt. this is the last film in the first series of disney plus hotstar's 'first day first show's home delivery' initiative announced last year to release big films directly on ott. most of the films in the series were similar except 'lootcase' and 'big bull'. sanjay dutt appeared in two films in the series 'sadak 2' and 'bhuj: the pride of india' and both the films were worse than average. the film 'bhuj: the pride of india' was also watched by defence minister rajnath singh for a while and wished ajay devgn a 'future'. he may not have liked the present of the film.

the film 'bhuj: the pride of india' is not good at all. for one thing, when the hero has to tell the story of a film, the weaknesses of the script are exposed there. for the first forty minutes, the directors of the film do not understand what to do with the film and the swinging film goes out of hand in this affair. the original plot of bhuj's airstrip on which the film is made is in the last forty minutes of the film and even after that the film looks very childish. like the film 'sher shah', the problem here is that the makers have to sell the film in the wee hours of patriotism. but, the spices of patriotism cannot be the same every time. after watching the film 'bhuj: the pride of india', sher shah is also looking better.

ajay devgn's 'bhuj: the pride of india' loses its grip with a bad vfx from its first shot. the film is also not good in terms of acting. looking at nora fatehi's entire track, it seems that the t-series has invested money in the film only for this part. that item number is fine for. acting is not just about him. this is the case with pranita subhash. pranita who appeared in the punjabi song of marathi hero is then seen playing rollers in the climax. here, the footage of heroines who became ajay devgn's wives from some films is steadily diminishing in hindi cinema. it can also be a subject of research. yes, sonakshi sinha has done a good job in the film. though he may have killed a fake leopard on screen in showing the bravery of gujarati bala, his gestures are commendable. actors like sharad kelkar, sanjay dutt and mahesh shetty collected the fielding of the film properly but the real pitch turned out to be weak here. amy virk has worked as an air force pilot in the film.

the film beats in its music besides scripting, acting, direction, technical side. for one, it was by filming a punjabi song on the 1971 marathi hero that its director took an axe to his feet. the rest of the time has been completed by its very childish songs playing in the climax. the effort here is to copy the song 'kar chale fida jaan o tan saathi' from 'reality' but to become a kaifi azmi one has to live on the real shayari. yes, the poem narrated in front of the women of the villages is good. the overall star that the film gets is for the bravery of its hero ajay devgn that in his best phase he mustered up the courage to do it only in the name of patriotic film. he has also done his part well but watching this film for less than two hours is no less than a challenge.