Bhoot Police Review: 'Ghost police' failed to bring 'woman' effect, here's what's missing

on the sets of music reality show 'mati ke lal', annu kapoor often told me, 'raag kitchen pagdi, kahun kahun bane hoon hoon...' that is, the melody of music, the housewife's kitchen and the turban of the head are just a hundred fassadis. so is the cinema. a film that has been tied up throughout its period is just a film that is rarely made. and, sometimes even a good idea, a good director and a good film editor can't bind the audience to the end because the script of the film could not hit the screen as it was woven. in western countries, films on a different theme of 'ghostbusters' have been made. after finding out the satanic forces and 'liberating' them, many films have been made there, 'bhoot police' is a desi version of the same idea. and five writers are brainstorming to make this version.

the story of the film 'bhoot police' is probably thought of only after rajkummar rao and shraddha kapoor's 'stree'. raj nidimoru and krishna dasari kothapalli (krishna dk) along with sumit arora had successfully tried to bring hindi cinema closer to a new category through the film 'stree' in hindi cinema. since then, many producers have been behind the making of horror comedy, but it is similar to raag, kitchen and pagdi to have an impact like 'stree'. the film 'bhoot police' has two brothers who look like uncle, nephew and both have set out to catch ghosts. the twist is that one takes this job seriously and the other jokingly. the film has worked with all sincerity by every department. yes, the audience hoping for a couple of haunting songs was disappointed as the tips were a music company film.

baba, on the contrary, remained a famous tantric of his day. his sons chironji and vibhuti are earning a living on the basis of his legacy in pilibhit's numbered car. the angle of nepotism is also in the film and go to kichkandi go. the story begins, on the contrary, by making money through the pretense of baba and sons, where they are actually created to face a ghost. mumbai the story of the film has two heroes while two heroines are bound to be there. yami gautam and jacqueline fernandez have been hired for the same. both of them have inherited a tea garden. here too, one is deeply attached to heritage and the other has to go to london and settle down. the story begins to come at a speed when the tea garden comes. after the chaos of the beginning, the timepass scenes and the missile stories cast to increase the length of the film, the story is able to keep the audience hooked only for half an hour.

there is nothing in the very weak film 'bhoot police' at the script level that you have never seen before. looking at saif ali khan, he seems to have given up trying to do something better as an actor. their facial expressions are pre-set according to the scene. there are similar expressions of shock, lust and mockery. he repeats them in every film. arjun kapoor has replaced ali fazal in the film and he does not seem to be doing any special charisma in the film. according to the character, he had to be a little patient but his dialogues seem to be fake according to his character. if a hill dialect had been put into his dialogues, it would have been correct according to his character's legacy.

the acting department of the film 'bhoot police' is also very weak in terms of its heroines and character actors. there is nothing special for yami gautam to do in the film. she has done better characters in her earlier films. jacqueline fernandez has less than her contribution to the story. hindi she can't speak in a manner, the author has to tell her that her heart is in london. the scene designed to establish the character of javed jafri is the longest and most vulnerable scene in the film. rajpal yadav also failed to make an impact on the scene. the same is the case with girish kulkarni. seeing amit mistry on screen leaves an emotional impact. yes, jamie lahiri has done his job the best of all.

according to ghost films, the producer of the film ramesh taurani has spent a good amount of money on it. the production value of the film is also according to its stars. jayakrishna gummadi has put on a nice and attractive chola to the film with his cinematography and light combination. he managed to feed the colours of rajasthan on screen and create the mysterious atmosphere of himachal pradesh. and, it has helped the film the most with its sound design and background music. anirban sengupta and clinton serejo deserve praise for this. the look, colour, decoration, noise of the film is all great, just its soul is 'missing'.