3 persons including Sahil Khan booked for allegedly abetment to suicide to Manoj Patil

an attempt was made by model and professional bodybuilder manoj patil to commit suicide. now, the matter has reached the police. a case has been registered against three persons including actor sahil khan for allegedly inciting manoj patil. tell us that model and professional bodybuilder manoj patil had tried to commit suicide after which he has been admitted to cooper hospital.

he has levelled serious allegations against film actor sahil khan before attempting suicide. according to reports so far, manoj's situation is stable and he is out of danger.

manoj's family alleged that he took the step of suicide because he was badly upset with sahil khan.

according to reports, manoj patil had accused actor sahil khan of harassing him and had also filed a report against sahil khan at the police station. in his suicide note, manoj patil wrote that he was taking these steps due to sahil's torture and defamation.

sahil says publicity stunt

style actor sahil khan has broken his silence in the case of bodybuilder manoj patil's attempt to commit suicide. they have termed it as a publicity stunt. sahil khan in an interview has taken a stand on the whole issue and said that he has only helped the victim and despite that patil is only naming him. while there is no mention of the faujdar case.

sahil khan defends himself
i met a boy named raj faujdar through a social networking site, sahil said in an interview. he is from delhi. he had made a video that manoj patil took rs 2 lakh from him and sold him expired steroids. he then developed heart and skin problems.

he said the faujdar has all the bills and receipts for financial transactions. faujdar wanted social media support in the matter and that is why i shared videos on my social media accounts and appealed to others to support them.

manoj patil was not returning

the money sahil said, i had said that the steroid racket should be closed. the faujdar said manoj patil was not returning his money. the faujdar had sold his motorcycle to arrange money. i am surprised that patil did not mention raj's name or the entire episode in his suicide note.

i have only supported the boy and stood up against selling steroids, said sahil along with

the boy. because, it is a crime in our country. what would have happened if the boy had died after consuming expired steroids? he said it could be a publicity stunt with a communal angle. i have no direct connection in this matter.